itsmyclearmind said: I saw a wild kitten in a field today. It reminded me of you. So cute. So free.

I love you :)

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me in the grocery store when my mom escapes

I fell in love with him. But I don’t just stay with him by default as if there’s no one else available to me. I stay with him because I choose to, every day that I wake up, every day that we fight or lie to each other or disappoint each other. I choose him over and over again, and he chooses me. Veronica RothAllegiant (via feellng)

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i am neither boy or girl i am punk rock

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  • WiFi: connected
  • Me: then fucking act like it

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what if people named their kids when they turn 18 so the kid has a name that fits its personality


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This scene satisfied me in a way no man ever could.